Update On Peter Dutton… And Apology From Me!

The other day, I wrote a satirical piece where I suggested that Peter Dutton would claim that it was an operational matter and he wouldn’t be able to release any information about his sources for contradicting all those on Manus who disagreed with his version of events. Today he announced that it was “classified”. Therefore,…

Therefore, I must humbly beg your forgiveness. It wasn’t because it was an “operational matter”. It’s because it was classified. Apparently, you can release classified information as long as you don’t say who told you. This will be a great precedent in any trial involving the leaking of state secrets.

As an aside, I must also say that I’m appalled that the ABC is suggesting that Muslim woman whose name I can’t remember and, besides, it isn’t important, was making comments in her own time and they haven’t deported her yet!


Don’t they realise that the diggers fought and died trying to keep the country free so people would be allowed to say what they liked, and I’m sure that they’d all support me when I say that anybody who doesn’t say the right thing has forfeited the right to free speech?

I mean, free speech has its limits. It was meant for people who agree with me, not for every Tom, Dick and Harry! And certainly not for a woman with a name like Jassimin or Fatima or Soula or whatever it is… Her name’s not the important bit. It’s the fact that it’s not something easily remember that makes me doubly angry. I mean, if we’re going to open our hearts to people like her, then the least they can do is show a bit of subservience! We’ve already had enough trouble with women who have an opinion – that’s why we had to deport Germaine Greer!

If we allow people like whatshername to say things like “Lest We Forget” and add a few other things on ANZAC day, what’s next? We’ll have people saying things like the guy who shot the Archduke and started World War One was a terrorist and we shouldn’t have gone to war to support his country.

And nobody would ever want that…

When Malcolm comes back from his meeting with Trump to announce his support for whatever war we’re going to be involved in, I’m prepared to back him all the way!

Even if the reasons for going are “classified”!

Source: Update On Peter Dutton… And Apology From Me! – The AIM Network

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