Refugee whistleblower will tell Canberra rally he saw a child bashed on Nauru

A whistleblower will give a harrowing account of seeing a toddler bashed at the Nauru detention camp, when he speaks to a rally on Sunday.Tobias Gunn is opening up on his work with Save the Children Australia, when he was trying to help asylum seekers at the notorious camp.Despite reporting the abuse to authorities, the alleged perpetrator was not charged, he said.He is now extremely concerned the opening up of the camp means women and children who have been abused will come face-to-face in the small community with the alleged perpetrators.Along with other speakers at Sunday’s rally in Canberra, Mr Gunn will urge Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to abandon mandatory detention of asylum seekers who arrive by boat.He said he witnessed inappropriate sexualised behaviour by children on Nauru.Guards made sexual advances to under-aged girls and subjected them to verbal sexualised abuse, he said.Mr Gunn and a co-worker witnessed a four year old girl running, apparently terrified, from a guard.”He caught up with her and, with his left hand, hit her in the back of the head with enough force to lift her off her feet and she smacked into the ground,” Mr Gunn said.”She was so terrified she immediately crawled into the fetal position and wouldn’t stop screaming.”The guard was extremely abuseful towards me and my co-worker and told us to f— off.”Mr Gunn said Wilson Security had to produce information to the Senate inquiry into Nauru, about cases of alleged abuse.”When this case came back, they stated they had insufficient information to find the perpetrator,” he said.”But there were two witnesses, we had his name and there was a security response to the incident which involved the second in command.”My statement was cross-examined with the abuser’s course of events, so Wilson security had interviewed him, they also had his name on the roster sheet for the security station outside the recreation tent.”It is horrific how the system did not deal with these people.”With the camp now open, it’s only a matter of time before families come into contact with their abusers and the abusers have access to their victims again, which is extremely concerning when there’s been cases of sexual abuse.”Wilson Security told the Senate inquiry it was concerned about the incident and said excessive force by its staff was not tolerated.The rally will hear an audio recording from another former worker with Save The Children, Jane, who wishes to be identified by only her first name.”I think what Australia doesn’t know at this stage is the systematic day-to-day inhumanities and abuses that are happening to most if not all of the asylum seekers,” she said.This included having to walk up to 100 metres to a water tap and being given lower quality food than that served to staff.”Sometimes the catering staff can’t identify what meat is being served to asylum seekers,” she said.She said a pre-teen girl who said she had been sexually abused was put with her family in a holding area in close proximity to the alleged perpetrator, while awaiting transport off the island”One manager said to myself and another staff member he had no understanding of child protection,” Jane said.Meanwhile, thousands of people have signed an online petition demanding a rape victim on Nauru be allowed to come to Australia for an abortion, after her plight was revealed by Fairfax Media.In March, an independent review into sexual abuse inside the detention centre on Nauru found evidence of rape, sexual assault of minors and guards trading marijuana for sexual favours from female detainees.

Source: Refugee whistleblower will tell Canberra rally he saw a child bashed on Nauru

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