Perverse migration bill shreds the rule of law

If passed, The Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment (Resolving the Asylum Legacy Caseload) Bill would effectively enshrine in law the mistreatment of asylum seekers and refugees who flee to our country to escape persecution, torture and death. The legislation is the perverse creation of a Government prepared to tear … Continue reading

Security bill opens door to targeted killings and broader control orders

Mohammad Ali Baryalei is believed to have died fighting for Islamic State overseas. Proposed new laws could have provided for the targeted killings of people like him by Australian defence and security agencies. AAP/Youtube The government introduced its third set of national security laws last week. The Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment … Continue reading

Social media may have tut-tutted at the display of partisan and nostalgic fury at Gough Whitlam’s memorial service, but it was an manifestation of the great and enduring battle of ideas So of course there would be booing, and cheering, and foot stamping, and joy, and outrage. This was Gough … Continue reading

From Pol Pot to ISIS: Saving Iraq by bombing everything that moves

John Pilger As Barack Obama ignites his seventh war against the Muslim world since being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the orchestrated hysteria and lies make one almost nostalgic for Kissinger’s murderous honesty.As a witness to the human consequences of aerial savagery – including the beheading of victims, their parts … Continue reading

GP tax to hit cancer patients

Cancer and other chronic disease sufferers will be hit with significant advance costs for medical imaging and other pathology testing under the government’s proposed $7 GP co-payment, according to evidence given to a parliamentary committee on Wednesday. The Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association has warned that previously undiscussed impacts of the … Continue reading

Sexual abuse, rape threats alleged by Nauru asylum seekers

Asylum seekers have made allegations of sexual abuse of women and children and threats of rape by guards working in the detention centre on Nauru. One female detainee has detailed her claims to Fairfax Media and Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, including threats that she would be raped if her refugee … Continue reading