Administrative law and Centrelink’s “robodebt” system

BY MATTHEW BUTT Centrelink’s new online system to streamline the identification and recovery of overpayments detected through data-matching became fully operational in July last year. It automatically sends a letter to current or former social security recipients in cases where data-matching with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) showed that their … Continue reading

How To Get Alan Tudge To Notice You Without Even Really Trying (Criticize Centrelink, He’ll Pull Your File)

Senate Estimates hearings revealed the scope of Centrelink’s overreach, writes Ben Eltham. The ritual of Senate Estimates is one of Parliament’s great rites, and one of Australian democracy’s most important institutions. The power of the Senate to force government officers to front up and answer questions from lawmakers is one … Continue reading

“Belief” is not enough to justify legislation to reveal private data – » The Australian Independent Media Network

On Thursday, in the midst of public outrage at Human Services Minister Alan Tudge’s doxxing of a Centrelink user, legislation allowing the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to give private information to the media passed through the lower house with bipartisan support, and almost unnoticed. The power to legally release a … Continue reading

Centrelink’s one weird trick to get unbelievably good call centre stats

The truth behind Centrelink’s unbelievably good call centre stats has come out in Senate Estimates, pressure is ramping up on the minister over his role in releasing a client’s personal details, and the bipartisan support for a bill giving Veterans’ Affairs similar powers is now in doubt.