At the mercy of the State

Under metadata retention legislation all citizens can become the object of suspicion. “The government now assumes if you want privacy you must be guilty of something” reports Jennifer Wilson. There is something very rotten in the state of a nation’s politics when both its government and its opposition are able … Continue reading

Mr. Abbott, I am not a commodity

By Marta Woolford By depicting people as “commodities”, it’s easy to describe them as “burdens” — or worse, in Joe Hockey’s words, “leaners”. Marta Woolford argues that the Abbott Government’s obsession with neo-liberal ideology has disconnected it from the public it is supposed to serve.

Australian government welfare report prepares brutal assault against disabled, unemployed

By Patrick Kelly Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Liberal-National government last month released a report into the Australian welfare system that outlined measures aimed at slashing billions of dollars in public spending by denying welfare payments to hundreds of thousands of disabled, unemployed and other vulnerable people. The report’s chief author, … Continue reading

Mental health groups plead with Tony Abbott amid funding uncertainty crisis

Over 70 mental health organisations have written to prime minister Tony Abbott imploring him to maintain $300m in annual funding to mental health services that are preparing to sack staff as they face an end to commonwealth grants on 30 June. Groups including Headspace, Suicide Prevention Australia, the Black Dog … Continue reading

A sustainable budget surplus is beyond the government’s control, as Joe Hockey has come to realise | Warwick Smith | Comment is free | The Guardian

By Warwick Smith Joe Hockey, the treasurer, now concedes he may not be able to deliver his promised budget surplus any time in the foreseeable future. This news is good for private savings because, when the government runs a surplus, the non-government sector must run a deficit. This is a … Continue reading