Politically motivated inquiry takes aim at green charities — but not the IPA

The Abbott Government’s inquiry into the tax-deductibility status of 600 environmental groups is being carried out for political and ideological reasons, writes University of Adelaide academic Peter Burdon (via The Conversation).   THE almost 600 environmental groups that hold tax-deductibility status in Australia are being scrutinised by a Federal Government inquiry, with reports … Continue reading

Government accused of ‘new low’ amid silence over reports of Vietnamese boat turn-back

The Opposition has accused the Federal Government of a “new low” when it comes to the secrecy surrounding a group of Vietnamese asylum seekers reportedly intercepted at sea. The Government is saying nothing about reports that an Australian Navy supply ship has returned 50 asylum seekers to Vietnam, after they … Continue reading

Refugees sent from Nauru to Cambodia may join others in lining up to leave

2 1 When refugees are sent to Cambodia over the coming days, as an official document circulated on Nauru last week indicated could happen this week252, they will be trading the open-air detention of the South Pacific isle for new and unfamiliar surroundings. The primer letter sells Cambodia253 as a … Continue reading

Major Bjorn Lomborg funder revealed as billionaire Republican ‘vulture capitalist’

A billionaire climate change denier, ‘vulture capitalist’ and major backer of the U.S. Republican Party is a major funder of Bjørn Lomborg’s think tank, which the Australian Govenment has just controversially announced plans to support an Australian iteration of with a $4.1 million grant, reports Graham Readfearn from DeSmogBlog. NEW … Continue reading

Tony Abbott And Groupthink Or Yes, We’re All Individuals – Apart From Me!

by: Rossleigh From time to time, people in the comments section disagree with me. Sometimes, they even tell me that I shouldn’t be writing on a particular subject because it’s not worth talking about, which always bemuses me. It’s not worth writing about, but it’s worth commenting on the fact … Continue reading

The Tony Abbott red room of pain

By Lyn Bender Tony Abbott’s hyper masculinity blueprint will not save us from danger. It is the danger, warns Lyn Bender. LOOKING INCREASINGLY confused and anxious on our screens, Tony Abbott and his government cling to the cult of hyper masculinity with its inflated stereotypical macho mode. Hyper masculinity has … Continue reading

Reclaim Australia is telling us something important

By Durkhanai Ayubi The undisguised hatefulness demonstrated by Reclaim Australia is only a symptom of deeper social issues. We shouldn’t respond with anger, but we should hold our national leaders accountable, writes Durkhanai Ayubi. Lots of commentary on the Reclaim Australia movement has implied that we should dismiss the ugly … Continue reading

Spreadsheets of power How economic modelling is used to circumvent democracy and shut down debate

By Richard Denniss Most people think it is hard to put a dollar value on a human life, but they’re wrong. It’s easy. Economists do it all the time. Most people think that all human lives are equally valuable. And most think economic modelling is boring, irrelevant to their busy … Continue reading