Indonesia looks into claims Australia paid people smugglers to turn back

Indonesia is investigating claims that Australia paid people smugglers to turn their boat back to Indonesian waters in a development which, if proved, it would consider “very concerning”.The probe came after reports emerged that an Australian border protection official allegedly paid the captain and crew of a boat carrying about … Continue reading

Man claiming to be Indigenous held in WA immigration detention centre

A man being held in Western Australia’s Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre says he is an Indigenous Australian and not a visa overstayer or asylum seeker.The Immigration Department has strongly rejected the claim, saying they have used fingerprint and facial recognition analysis and have found the man to be a … Continue reading

Immigration interfered with Nauru asylum seeker diagnoses, Senate told | Australia news | The Guardian

Australia’s immigration department regularly interfered with medical assessments on Nauru and asked medical staff to change a report, a Senate inquiry has heard.Former International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) mental health director Peter Young told a hearing on Tuesday into serious allegations and conditions at the Nauru detention centre that … Continue reading

Papua New Guinea immigration officers charged with assault on refugee

Three immigration officers who allegedly beat up a refugee saying “This is our country” have been arrested in Papua New Guinea.Mohsen Sakhravi was having dinner in a Manus Island restaurant on 1 June when the officials entered and told him he had to get back to his transit accommodation, a … Continue reading

Nauru’s president Baron Waqa and justice minister allegedly bribed by Australian phosphate dealer Getax – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The ABC has obtained evidence that the president of Nauru and his justice minister were allegedly bribed by an Australian phosphate dealer.President Baron Waqa allegedly received $60,000 while the justice minister David Adeang — Nauru’s most powerful politician — received $10,000 per month in 2009 and 2010.Other government MPs are … Continue reading

Brandis and Dutton play some dirty pool in their fight with Gillian Triggs

By Michelle Grattan Last Friday, Attorney-General George Brandis and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton issued an extraordinary statement declaring that the president of the Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs, needed to “explain her comments” linking Australia’s turn-back policy and negotiations with Indonesia about the death penalty. But, it is the two … Continue reading

Families already using medicinal cannabis on children ahead of trials

Queensland is set to join a New South Wales-led push for medicinal cannabis trials, but some parents of children suffering from epilepsy say they just want to skip that process and continue to administer the controversial drug.Both major parties in Queensland politics have claimed credit for the upcoming trial, which … Continue reading