Stories from the long grass: The daily struggle to survive for Darwin’s growing number of homeless Indigenous people

Despite a resources boom, there are more people sleeping rough in Darwin than ever before.They are waiting longer for public housing and are subject to new laws that, critics say, are designed to target the homeless and criminalise public drunkenness.Here, homeless people are known as “longrassers”. These are some of … Continue reading

A QandA On How To Be A Patriotic Australian And Defeat ISIL And The ABC

By Mathew Kenneally All Australians – particularly Muslim Australians – have a duty to their country. Mathew Kenneally spells it out. Tony Abbott has accused the ABC of not being on Australia’s side. Mark Dreyfus has been accused of rolling out the red carpet to terrorists. Sarah Hanson-Young has been … Continue reading

Banishment from the Kingdom

The Allegiance to Australia Bill introduces an ingenious form of government control that we all should be concerned about, writes Eva Cripps. If you’re a fan of fantasy fiction, the concept of banishment from the kingdom is hardly new. The protagonist will often start out in the bad books, living … Continue reading

Citizen caned: Zaky Mallah scandal diverts attention from Citizenship Act debate

 By Tom Allard When Coalition strategists were plotting tactics as they prepared to introduce far-reaching amendments to the Citizenship Act this week, they would not have dared imagine they would be presented with the gift that was Zaky Mallah’s appearance on the ABC’s Q&A.Convicted of threatening Commonwealth officials with death … Continue reading

The hysteria over Zaky Mallah on Q&A would make Joseph McCarthy proud | Richard Ackland

It’s as though the nation is in the grip of an hysteria that would make Joseph McCarthy proud. A young man with a conviction for threatening to kill Asio officers appears on ABC television and asks what would happen to him if the immigration minister had the power to unilaterally … Continue reading

Citizenship could be stripped for wide range of offences under terror laws

Gareth Smith, 72, is hardly the death cult killer the Abbott government has in mind when it vows to strip dual national terrorists of their Australian citizenship.But on a literal reading of the government’s citizenship legislation, introduced yesterday to Parliament, Mr Smith, who proudly acknowledges he’s a “serial protester”, could … Continue reading

Calls For Aboriginal Juvenile To Be Shot For Target Practice After Public Shaming By NT Police |

By Amy McQuire Legal experts have criticised the policy of public shaming, saying it ignores the complex factors that lead to youth offending. Amy McQuire reports. Social media users have called on Aboriginal youth who have escaped from the Don Dale Detention centre to be ‘shot’, used for target practice, … Continue reading

Science is back! To help educate quolls about cane toads. With sausages | First Dog on the Moon

In the epic battle between cane toads and native northern quolls, science may just have given the quolls a fighting chance for a comeback Source: Science is back! To help educate quolls about cane toads. With sausages | First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free | The Guardian

Changing our Welfare Mindset

By Loz Lawrey There is no issue that better highlights the polarisation of opinion in Australian society than welfare.Even though the rich benefit from “hidden welfare” in the form of tax breaks, negative gearing, tax minimisation schemes, paid parental leave etc, the demonisation of welfare recipients always lands squarely on … Continue reading