Joe Hockey uses the good old ‘look, there’s a foreigner’ stunt

At the end of a week that saw the unemployment rate rise to 6.3 per cent and the Reserve Bank shave 25 points or so off the budget’s growth forecast for this year – not to mention more bad opinion polls for the government, speculation resurfacing about the Liberal leadership, … Continue reading

Ian the Climate Denialist Potato’s inquiry into the wind turbine inquiry – First Dog on the Moon

Ian knows a guy who knows the nephew of the lady who polishes senator David Leyonhjelm’s many, many guns. This is what she told him about wind power Source: Ian the Climate Denialist Potato’s inquiry into the wind turbine inquiry | First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free … Continue reading

So exactly how Fascist is Australia – on a scale of One to ‘Hitler would be Proud’? – by Kate M

Fascism and communism may be at different ends of the political spectrum. But they look a lot alike in practice – at least to me. Both result in a dramatic loss of freedom for their populations and a massive increase in power to those in government – the state.This is … Continue reading

Cashless Welfare Card – an insult to all Australians – Eva Cripps

Australians are fortunate in many ways. Despite the best efforts of the Abbott Government to further marginalise vulnerable people, the majority of the population lives in relative safety, has a home to live in, access to education and employment and self-efficacy. However that minority, who are not so fortunate for … Continue reading

A letter to my patient, whose terminal cancer is the least of her worries – Ranjana Srivastava

Metastatic pancreatic cancer has a survival rate of less than 5% at five years and yet it seems like it’s the least of your problems. For many weeks now I have found this hard to understand and not only that, have been irritated when you have not shown up on … Continue reading

“What about my rights?”

By: Eva Cripps It would be easy to assume that the Government of a country founded on democratic principles and the rule of law would have a semblance of respect for basic rights. That assumption would be incorrect. Rights are simple things. But often conflicting. One person’s right to hold … Continue reading

Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself. And maybe ISIS. And Terrorism. And Muslims. And Everything

By Michael Brull It doesn’t get much dumber than our irrational fear of an enemy on the other side of the planet. Michael Brull explains. Last week, Buzzfeed ran a story on a poll by the Pew Research Centre, with amazing results. Pew asked respondents in various countries about issues … Continue reading