You’re invited to our nefarious party fundraiser. Dress code: optional raccoon – First Dog on the Moon

Who has time to read invitations or diaries these days with all the royal commissions and important speeches taking up our time? Source: You’re invited to our nefarious party fundraiser. Dress code: optional raccoon | First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free | The Guardian

Dyson Heydon: Abbott’s Attack Dog Tactic Turns Around To Bite Him – By Ben Eltham

Having bullied members of public office and used a royal commission for political ends, the PM is about to reap what he sowed, writes Ben Eltham. Imagine if Gillian Triggs, the Abbott government’s bête noire, had accepted an invitation to address a Labor Party fundraiser. The backlash would be swift. … Continue reading

Peter Dutton overturns deportation order for Vietnam war veteran

A 69-year-old Vietnam war veteran, Michael McFadden, will be released from immigration detention immediately after a deportation order to remove him from Australia was overturned by the minister, Peter Dutton.“It’s a fantastic outcome that Michael McFadden is to be released into the RSL’s care. It’s just disappointing that he spent … Continue reading

It’s not migrants who are the marauders and plunderers – Seumas Milne

ever let it be said that Britain’s leaders miss an opportunity to inflame fear and loathing towards migrants and refugees. First David Cameron warned of the threat posed by “a swarm of people” who were “coming across the Mediterranean … wanting to come to Britain”. Then his foreign secretary Philip … Continue reading

Asylum seeker forcibly returned to Afghanistan after appeals exhausted

A 21-year-old asylum seeker is understood to have been forcibly returned to Afghanistan, after last-ditch legal appeals for his case to be re-examined failed.After being told to gather his belongings at Yongah Hill detention centre yesterday, the man – who can be identified only as R – was taken from … Continue reading

Asylum seeker married to an Australian resident faces deportation to Iran

An Iranian woman who claimed she was repeatedly raped, tortured and told to marry an older man has failed to win asylum in Australia and now faces being deported to her home country.Mojgan Shamsalipoor, 21, who has been placed back in detention after her asylum claim was rejected by immigration … Continue reading

NT Legal Aid halt to remote services may force Aboriginal people to represent themselves, agency says – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission has said it can no longer meet the demands of remote communities, sparking concerns Aboriginal people may be forced to represent themselves in court.The commission’s announcement today that it can no longer provide services in remote areas comes amid concerns about how cuts to … Continue reading