13 Simple But Exciting Ways To Lose Your Citizenship In Tony Abbott’s Team Australia – By Max Chalmers

Thinking of wrecking a wheelie bin, teaching someone judo, or taking part in a student protest? If you want to keep your citizenship you might need to think again, writes Max Chalmers. The government’s proposed citizenship stripping laws are about a lot more thank taking citizenship off people who try … Continue reading

Marcia Langton Should Go Back To The Drawing Board On Mining Agreement Praise – By Dave Sweeney

Declaring mining agreements a success in Aboriginal communities after reviewing less than two percent of agreements seems a stretch, writes Dave Sweeney. Earlier this month mining executives mingled with politicians in federal Parliament’s Mural Hall as Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion launched a new publication from the Minerals Council of … Continue reading

The National Broadband Network and outdoor toilets: they have something in common | Labor Herald

The National Broadband Network (NBN) isn’t going quite according to promise or plan, which might be because the current government aren’t nation builders, writes Shadow Communications Minister Jason Clare.On the day former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam died – nearly a year ago – I did an interview on the Today … Continue reading

Some Tough Love For Marcia Langton – By Chris Graham

When Chris Graham wrote an article about the dangers of passive welfare and the need for a compassionate approach to Aboriginal poverty, he was attacked by Marcia Langton. The left-right divide on Indigenous affairs is not helping anyone Recently, I wrote a column for Tracker magazine entitled “Gawad Kalinga: The … Continue reading

Income For The Top 1 Per Cent Grew by Almost Half. See If You Can Guess How the Bottom 90 Did – By Thom Mitchell

A new report has called on government to intervene to equip young people with the skills needed in Australia’s changing jobs market or face deepening inequality. Thom Mitchell reports. The staggering rise in Australian inequality is linked to the automation, globalisation, and fragmentation of the traditional jobs market, and with … Continue reading

Tony Abbott Remembers The ‘Good Old Days’, When ‘The Blacks’ Knew Their Place – By Amanda Porter and Padraic Gibson

Tony Abbott’s nostalgic claims about Aboriginal people in the ‘real economy’ overlook inconvenient historic truths, writes Amanda Porter and Paddy Gibson.Speaking recently on the eve of his annual tour of remote Indigenous communities, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said: “We all know back in the 60s Aboriginal people didn’t have much … Continue reading