Turnbull should refuse Wilders visa | Voices Against Bigotry

Yesterday we learnt through media reports that Geert Wilders, due to launch the new anti-Muslim political party the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) in two weeks time had not yet received his visa. In accordance with Australian law, the Department of Immigration had concerns over whether Wilders was of fit character … Continue reading

Forget ‘Dole Bludgers’, For-Profit Businesses Are Getting Rich Off Centrelink – By Max Chalmers

The poorest are being charged more for basic goods – and it’s moving welfare money into the pockets of big businesses. Max Chalmers reports. By the time clients meet Kat Lane the decision to attain a household item has already spiralled into such a financial disaster that other basic expenses, … Continue reading

Who needs a UN special rapporteur when we have Transfield’s incident reporting protocol? – First Dog on the Moon

The impact of the Border Force Act is greatly overstated. Transfield encourages all employees to report abuse. They can write their concerns on a rock, for example Source: Who needs a UN special rapporteur when we have Transfield’s incident reporting protocol? First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free … Continue reading

Disaster Capitalism: Outsourcing violence and exploitation

Non-violence activist, Robert Burrowes, reviews Antony Loewenstein’s latest book, ‘Disaster Capitalism, Making a Killing out of Catastrophe’ which takes us into the shocking world of multinational corporations who exploit human catastrophe for profit.IN HIS just-released book, ‘Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing out of Catastrophe’, Australian author and journalist Antony Loewenstein … Continue reading

Patients paying more for health care as government tightens belt

Australians are picking up some of the slack of government belt-tightening by paying more for health, with experts concerned this could reduce the equity in Australia’s health system, a new report has revealed.The Commonwealth government’s warnings of the health system being unsustainable have been used to justify it stripping A$2 … Continue reading

WA Chief Justice Wayne Martin fears language barriers putting innocent people behind bars – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

When police bungled the investigation into the killing of her 21-year-old son, Ingrid Bishop was furious.That fury has now turned to fear — that the wrong man is behind bars, while the dysfunctional system that put him there remains unchanged. “To think that there’s an innocent person in jail is … Continue reading

Refugee repatriated from Manus to save family in Syria begs for resettlement | Australia news | The Guardian

The refugee who reluctantly agreed to be removed from Manus Island to rescue his wife and infant daughter from war in Syria has begged the Australian government to be included among the 12,000 Syrians it will accept for resettlement.Twenty-nine-year-old Eyad* nominated to be voluntarily returned to Syria from Manus last … Continue reading