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The oval shaped beads are really giving Charlie the shits. The clasp which holds the chain connecting the string is easy enough to remove on the round beads but for some reason the oval shaped beads resist the snip and unwind method and for the hundredth time, rather than coming … Continue reading

There’s no decency in how Australia has treated Abyan. No matter what the truth is – Richard Ackland

It might be productive to draw breath, stand back and try and assess the extent to which, if at all, Australia is culpable for the moral and/or psychological neglect of the pregnant Somali refugee known as Abyan, who says she was raped on Nauru.

If you don’t like it, leave? – Peter Boyle

In the wake of the shooting outside Parramatta police station — which left Curtis Cheng, a civilian police employee, and 15-year-old schoolboy Farhad Jabar dead — Parramatta mosque chairperson Neil El-Kadomia told the Daily Telegraph he was preparing to advise his congregation that “if you don’t like Australia, you should … Continue reading

A new start is out of reach when you live below the poverty line

It’s one of the most hotly anticipated, enthusiastically attended events of the parliamentary calendar. Every year, Eric Abetz brings a whole bunch of Apple Isle providores to Canberra and sets them up in the Great Hall. In a cross between a university careers fair and a corporate cocktail party, MPs, … Continue reading