Dear John Lord, from Claudia De Maria

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Author’s note: I received a request from a lady on Facebook to post an open letter she wrote to the Treasurer.Dear John,I would like to write an open letter to Joe Hockey through your newspaper, as I am blocked in his page as I used to go there and tell him some sacrosanct truths which he did not like. I would be very grateful if you can post it publicly as I feel very strongly about what I am writing in this letter!!!! Thanking you very much!!!! Here is the letter!!!


HE IS THE TREASURE OF THIS COUNTRY AND . . . his wife is a millionaire in her own right, he is a millionaire in his own right plus the taxpayers pay him more than $300,000 a year with perks and benefits. Plus he gets $270 a night when in Canberra to sleep at his wife’s house, plus $220 a day for his food, and then he has the audacity to make the taxpayer pay for a holiday! Precisely in the sum of $14,000! Plus when he goes to Cairns last year where he has a luxurious farm, mind you. Last year he went over there by plane 13 times and he makes the taxpayer pay for his trips! Then he has the audacity to say publicly that he is very cautious in spending taxpayer money! Get real Joe, you are the Treasurer of this country and you have called us, the people on welfare, “LEANERS”.

Who is the leaner of this country, Joe Hockey?

I am a 72 years old lady and have lived here for 46 years. I worked and paid taxes for 32 years of my life in Australia and I have raised on my own two boys who both went to university and they are decent human beings.

I will tell you the big difference from your life to mine. I am on the age pension I get where I receive $1,800 a month from which I have to pay $1,200 in rent. In 1999 I lost everything to two criminal partners who wiped me out of $350,000.  I am left with $600 a month to live on and you have the audacity to defend your trip to Perth with your family in the sum of $14,000! I HAVE TO LIVE ON $7,200 A YEAR AND I HAVE NOT HAD A HOLIDAY NOW FOR 12 YEARS . . . HOW CAN I AFFORD A HOLIDAY? For that matter I cannot even afford to pay electricity and gas this past three months and being winter it is very cold where I live in the country.

When you see the exotic excesses of our politicians and especially our Treasurer I cannot be silent anymore and I am not speaking only for myself; there are literally millions of age pensioners out there who are living under the poverty line and something soon has to be done. I have given my best years to Australia and I cannot imagine to be treated with contempt and with hatred by this government. I feel like dirt and I should not feel like this as I am and always been a decent, honest and dignified person. I do not intend to live like this for much longer as if this is the case I will call it quits!

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