Labor senator Sam Dastyari claims 10 companies have taken control of Australian politics

.Labor senator Sam Dastyari has warned there is something “fundamentally wrong and rotten” with Australia’s entire political system, claiming there are 10 huge companies with so much power and influence they have killed proper democratic process at the federal level in this country.

Jobactive’s Work for the Dole contracts sold to US companies

The government’s new “jobactive” program has favoured American companies for lucrative employment services contracts. Nearly half of the Work for the Dole co-ordinator contracts tendered by the federal government have been awarded to two giant corporations, including one in a joint venture with a major Australian charity.

No Shame: The Science Behind Why Most Australians Feel Okay About Tormenting Asylum Seekers – By Liam McLoughlin

Pakistani refugee Shahraz Kayani waited five years for the Immigration Department to allow his wife and children to join him in Australia. The wait was fruitless and fatal. In April 2001, he set fire to himself outside Parliament House in Canberra and died weeks later from his burns.

The New Ugly Australia… Is the right dead wrong? – By Letitia McQuade

Australia has changed. I cannot say when exactly it happened but sometime in the last 15years, while we were all stood around the BBQ indulging in the government sanctioned, media driven hysteria about dole bludgers, single mothers, welfare cheats, refugees and terrorists, an air of brutal, self-aggrandising elitism has gently … Continue reading