Vertigan’s NBN endorsement will leave Australia a broadband backwater | Rod Tucker

As expected, the Vertigan panel’s cost-benefit analysis of the NBN supports the Coalition’s multi-technology mix (MTM), concluding that over the 15 years from 2025 to 2040, each Australian household will be better off by a total of $1,600 compared to Labor’s proposed fibre to the premises (FTTP) system. On the … Continue reading

Secret data retention discussion paper leaked

It’s the secret industry consultation paper the federal government didn’t want you to see. Produced by the Attorney-General’s Department and distributed to telecommunications industry members on Friday, the nine-page document attempts to clarify what customer internet and phone records the government wants companies such as Telstra, Optus and iiNet to … Continue reading

Countering Violent Extremism program funding not renewed in budget | World news |

A government grant program which paid for projects which allowed community groups to engage with alienated Muslims did not have its funding renewed in the June 2014 budget, it has emerged.In 2010 the previous Labor government announced a $9.7m, four-year program called Countering Violent Extremism.The intention was to reduce violent … Continue reading

Kids behind bars in Nauru: letters from children in immigration detention

Kids behind bars in Nauru: letters from children in immigration detention Almost 200 children are being held in immigration detention on Nauru; some without their parents. These letters and drawings, submitted by children to the human rights commission’s inquiry into their detention tell the story of young people missing their … Continue reading

A climate of terror?

The Abbott government’s shift from Voltaire to Orwell last week is an act of political desperation. Replacing divisive changes to the Racial Discrimination Act (because they have no hope of going anywhere) with an equally divisive ramping up of counter-terrorism laws suggests the government is using up the last reserves … Continue reading