It should never have come to this. – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By John Kelly As fact is sorted from fiction about recent incidents involving members of Australia’s Muslim communities, I cannot but lament that the media is not making any effort to minimise the hysteria that is developing. Reporting events is one thing but to constantly speculate about aspects that have … Continue reading

Just Don’t Mention The Wars: Australian Media’s Demonisation Of Muslims |

By Michael Brull What Sheehan, Devine and Bolt lack in knowledge about Australia’s Muslim community, they make up for in imagination, writes Michael Brull. I have previously noted the sheer weakness of the government’s case for the war on Iraq and possibly Syria. I was surprised that no coherent case … Continue reading

Facts The First Casualty In Team Australia’s Campaign Of Fear And Loathing |

Facts The First Casualty In Team Australia’s Campaign Of Fear And Loathing By Jeff Sparrow When, on 29 August, Herald Sun literary editor Blanche Clark penned a strange, solipsistic, (‘Today, in Collins Street, it just got personal’) response to Salman Rushdie’s Melbourne Writers Festival event, social media erupted in hilarity. … Continue reading

Suelette Dreyfus, Monday 29 September The Australian government paraded its new national security laws through the Senate last week, enthusiastically heralding a new era for the security state. They did so with help from the Labor opposition, whose dutiful acquiescence turned the normally lively Senate floor into something more … Continue reading

The era of absurdity has begun – » The Australian Independent Media Network

September 22, 2014 Written by: The AIM Network Are we all getting a little too edgy courtesy of the publicity around our upgraded security level? From an old friend comes this Facebook comment today: The train stations I use have closed their rubbish bins for “security reasons”. They’ve been closed … Continue reading

Kevin Andrews spread false information on Kiwi dole: Macklin

MP Kevin Andrews’ claims about a one month waiting period in New Zealand’s Welfare System has been questioned by the Parliamentary Library. Photo: Glenn Hunt Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has been accused of peddling misinformation about the New Zealand welfare system in his push to restrict dole payments to … Continue reading

Asylum seeker’s ‘brain death’ shows failure of care and of democracy

The news that Hamid Kehazaei, a 24-year-old Iranian asylum seeker detained on Manus Island, has been diagnosed as brain dead following his transfer to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane is a tragedy. That it is a tragedy for this young man and his family is unquestionable – but the extent … Continue reading

Changing the soul: are conservatives the new radicals?

Few members of the 20th-century political right were more important than Milton Friedman. As an academic, author, television presenter and adviser to Ronald Reagan – who once described his show Free to Choose as a “survival kit” for the Cold War – Friedman helped initiate the free-market revolution that swept … Continue reading