Asylum seekers registered with UNHCR in Indonesia blocked from resettlement

Asylum seekers who have registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Indonesia will no longer be able to be resettled under Australia’s humanitarian programme. The immigration minister Scott Morrison announced on Tuesday that asylum seekers who have registered with UNHCR after 1 July 2014 will no longer … Continue reading


The Federal Government’s proposed new law requiring telcos and ISPs to retain their users’ metadata for two years has kicked up a stormy debate about the right to privacy and howmuch of it we should be prepared to surrender in the interests of national security. As always happens when a … Continue reading

Ebola: for-profit disaster capitalists are already out looking to make money from misery | Antony Loewenstein | Comment is free |

The horror of ebola in West Africa has taken thousands of lives and spread fear around the world. This fact, coupled with ignorance and misinformation, has created the perfect storm. The risk is real, but you wouldn’t know the full picture from watching last weekend’s American 60 Minutes. Lara Logan’s … Continue reading

F.U.D. Fear Certainty and Doubt – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Fear, uncertainty and doubt (“FUD”) is a strategy used in marketing, propaganda and politics that has its modern origins in precursors dating back to the 1920s. It is based upon the following principles: • Know the people you are targeting. • Feed them misinformation that will create in them a … Continue reading