Reclaim Australia rallies ‘hurtful’ to new migrants and refugees

By Shalailah Medhora Refugees and new migrants feel more isolated and vulnerable following last weekend’s Reclaim Australia rallies, community leaders said. The anti-Islam rallies on Saturday attracted hundreds of demonstrators nationwide who were protesting against halal certification, sharia law and increased Muslim migration. Counterprotests were held in several cities, in … Continue reading

Tony Abbott’s long history of violence against women, children and political opponents, time for a national conversation

While the nation is distracted by the allegations against Billy Gordon, former Labor MP for Cook, QLD – let’s have a conversation about Tony Abbott’s own very long history of violence against women and children, and anyone who he disagrees with. Perhaps that conversation could start with how a man … Continue reading

One hundred and fifty ways the nanny state is good for us

By  Simon Chapman Professor of Public Health at University of Sydney In Australia, anyone who supports rules and regulations that make products safer or improve public health can expect to come under attack from critics arguing they’re restricting freedom and turning the country into a “nanny state”. These “nanny state” … Continue reading