It’s a Taxing Time for ”All But the Rich” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By John Lord Never in the history of this nation have corporations, rich individuals, and the Government that supports them, been so openly brazen. The Australian Tax system is absolutely riddled with rorts for corporations and the privileged.The Abbott Government has shown an insensitivity to the common good that goes … Continue reading

Australians Still Confused About Proportion Of Asylum Seekers Who Are ‘Genuine’ Refugees

By Max Chalmers The majority of people who come by boat to Australia are found to be refugees needing protection. Only a minority of the Australian public realise that. Max Chalmers reports A new poll on the public perception of asylum seekers has found less than one third of Australians … Continue reading

The rhetoric used by critics of the ‘halal racket’ will be familiar to Jews

By Jeff Sparrow Barnaby Joyce, ever the defender of Australian beef exports, has been trying to hose down his colleagues’ “concerns” about halal certification. “Unless [meat is] halal certified, we can’t sell it,” he said on Monday. “That means the whole processing line becomes unviable.” He has a big task … Continue reading

Fact check: Does halal certification fund terrorism? – Fact Check

Companies that get products halal certified have been targets of a campaign that claims halal certification funds terrorism. Conducted largely through social media and online networks, Australian anti-Islam groups have been demanding companies that carry halal certification labels drop them. This anti-halal campaign was a key demand at recent “reclaim … Continue reading

Manus Island guard expresses Reclaim Australia and anti-halal sentiment

A guard at the Manus Island detention centre has said Muslims should assimilate and has shared an article suggesting they “cannot be Australians” in a series of Facebook posts that appear to support the Reclaim Australia and boycott halal movements. John Akrigg was contracted by Wilson Security on behalf of … Continue reading

Government seeks immunity over use of force in immigration detention

The federal government is seeking extraordinary new powers that would make it largely immune from liability for inappropriate uses of force on people in immigration detention centres. The new powers would allow immigration officers – which may include private contractors – to use “reasonable force against any person” if the … Continue reading