It’s The People’s Money: Money Myth 1: The purpose of taxes is to raise funds for government spending. | Geoff Coventry

Money Myth 1: The purpose of taxes is to raise funds for government spending. Fact: 100% of government spending is done through the creation of new money. Taxes cannot fund the spending of sovereign governments – they simply remove some of the money that was already spent.

Centrelink’s doomed brigadier, Kathryn Campbell, stares down the hordes – Jack Waterford

Department of Human Services secretary Kathryn Campbell may deserve a medal of some sort for the way in which she has drawn most of the fire on to herself and away from her minister and her department over the Centrelink robo-debt debacle she has supervised and contributed to. Given her … Continue reading

“Them” and “us”: the enduring power of welfare myths – Peter Whiteford

Surveys show how persistent – and persistently wrong – beliefs about welfare spending can be John Hills’s acclaimed book Good Times, Bad Times: The Welfare Myth of Them and Us rests on a simple but seldom-made observation: much of the redistribution carried out by the British welfare state involves shifting … Continue reading

Doxxed by the Feds – John Birmingham

Governments hold enormous stores of personal information about us, much of it extracted from an unwilling populace under force of law. The social contract underlying this exchange is supposed to guarantee the information won’t be misused. By administrators. Or, more especially, by politicians seeking advantage, either because they’re slithering opportunists … Continue reading