Fears returned Vietnamese asylum seekers are being grilled in police detention

Asylum seekers who were returned to Vietnam by the Australian Navy last week are believed to be being interrogated at a police-run detention centre in a coastal province north of Ho Chi Minh City. According to sources in the Australian Vietnamese community, all adults who were on-board a boat intercepted … Continue reading

Remote work for the dole scheme will create ‘slave labour’ and job losses, job agencies say

A jobs provider on the Tiwi Islands says it will be forced to sack at least 20 Indigenous staff if a remote work for the dole scheme goes ahead as planned and the reforms could result in “slave labour”. The revised Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP) will require all … Continue reading

Simply the best – Timothy Paul Gear, analysis of a Qld LNP troll

David Marler Queensland reporter at No Fibs David Marler By David Marler Just days before the Liberal National Party launched an attack on Queensland Labor over the Billy Gordon case, one of their own was sentenced to jail. The Qld Weekly – No Fibs Simply the best – Timothy Paul … Continue reading

‘Tiny hearts’ and ‘balls of steel’. Is this really what the world thinks of Australia? | Julian Burnside

Australians have “tiny hearts and whacking great gunships”. We “threaten [migrant boats] with violence until they bugger off”. And British people should be more like us. That’s Katie Hopkins’ view, at least. Her column for the Sun on Saturday about asylum seekers leaving North Africa, crossing the Mediterranean by boat … Continue reading

British Columnist Calling For ‘Gunboats’ To Be Used On Refugees Cites Australia As Inspiration

By Max Chalmers Yes, we’re officially the ‘spiritual home’ of the woman calling African migrants and refugees “cockroaches” and “a plague of feral humans”. Max Chalmers reports. It’s the article that caused an outcry in the UK and pushed some pundits to compare the attack on migrants and refugees to … Continue reading