Rohingya Muslims brave death at sea to escape ‘open-air prison’ in Burma

In the courtyard of a simple mosque bordered by recently dug graves Mohammad recounts in a low monotone how he lost his daughter.“She was vomiting and had diarrhoea, but I could not take her to the hospital,” he says. “There was no doctor that could visit her, so she died … Continue reading

Four Corners’ Fishbowl Journalism Does More Damage To Aboriginal People

By Amy McQuire The more things change, the more they stay the same. Particularly when it comes to responsible reporting of Aboriginal poverty. Amy McQuire explains. Last night Four Corners pointed its lens into a few Aboriginal communities in Western Australia and produced a beautiful piece of promotion for the … Continue reading

Australia lacks cultural competence to understand RI | The Jakarta Post

By Pierre Marthinus Canberra really needs to contemplate whether it has the sufficient intellectual and cultural competence to understand, communicate and respectfully engage with Indonesian sensibilities and preferences on a wide range of international issues. The issue is important because it carries significant implications for Australia’s future dealings with Indonesia … Continue reading

Thousands of seniors on nationally funded at-home care packages to be forced to pay more or move into nursing homes

‘I’ve thought about suicide’: pensionerDespite concerns from industry and individuals, the Government has not wavered.In a statement, Senator Fifield said “elements of an individual’s package” were “a matter for negotiation” under CDC.”In addition to what can be provided with the packaged care funding, providers and consumers can agree to additional … Continue reading

Coalition’s unwillingness to tax means commitment to fairness won’t last

“My determination is to ensure that this budget is fair. That is my determination … I don’t want anyone to say that this is an unfair budget.” So vowed Australia’s prime minister on 3AW this week.And indeed, Tony Abbott’s new pension plan, to save $2.4bn over two years and an … Continue reading

Report to UN busts asylum seeker myths: Researcher

A comprehensive report to the United Nations busts common myths about people smuggling, according to its Queensland-based author.The Migrant Smuggling in Asia: Current Trends and Related Challenges report lays out the state of play in the illegal trade.The University of Queensland’s Migrant Smuggling Working Group produced it for the UN … Continue reading

The Weekly Beast: SBS reporter loses job after Facebook post on non-Anglo faces

By Amanda Meade Last week the SBS reporter Marion Ives shared an article from the Conversation that was critical of SBS on her personal Facebook page, without comment. The next day she lost her job halfway through a shift, after seven years with the network. The article she had posted … Continue reading