Court orders Immigration to compensate lawyers over blocked camp access

The Immigration Department has been forced to pay at least $10,000 compensation to lawyers who were denied access to a compound at the Christmas Island detention centre, after the Victorian Supreme Court found staff at the centre had behaved in a “high-handed” manner, with an “unacceptable disregard” for the rule … Continue reading

Why the budget will fail – » The Australian Independent Media Network

by: John Kelly Joe Hockey is sitting on a knife edge, just like our economy. His 2015-16 fiscal statement (the budget) is predicated on the expectation that the Australian business community will awaken from their slumber. He thinks they will kick-start our economy back to a growth rate that will … Continue reading

Mass surveillance makes us subjects of the state. That’s chilling | Richard Ackland

In the 1980s there existed in Sydney something called the Free Speech Committee. It was mainly comprised of hairy lefties who believed free speech should be absolute – even broader than the first amendment.Soon strange old men with sweep-over hair dos began to appear at meetings of the FSC with … Continue reading

New laws could stop revelations of animal abuse

Four Corners and Animals Australia have again brought the live animal industry to its knees, after revealing the widespread use of “blooding” in the Australian greyhound racing industry. The story would not have been possible without the aid of hidden cameras, trespass, anonymous sources and undercover investigators infiltrating the industry. … Continue reading

We’re Doing To Rohingyas What Was Done To Jewish Refugees During Holocaust

 By Hadi Zaher The Asia Pacific region’s response to the slaughter of a vulnerable minority should ring a bells, writes Hadi Zaher. In 1939, as Europe stood on the verge of all out war, Nazi Germany, true to their promise, had issued and implemented 400 different decrees for the regulation … Continue reading

The asylum debate we have to have

Michael Gordon Political editor, The Age With a handful of carefully crafted sound bites, Tony Abbott has damaged Australia’s standing in the region, over-simplified the refugee crisis in south-east Asia and sent an ominous warning to Labor on border protection.As the Prime Minister describes it, the unfolding crisis is the … Continue reading

The Welfare Declaration – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Keith Davis reports that the March Australia NATIONAL WELFARE MARCH in July intends to do nothing less than change the social welfare landscape of this Nation. So far Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and a number of regional centres are joining together to march for social justice for the disadvantaged citizens of … Continue reading