Asylum seeker worker tells of abuse of children as young as two on Nauru

Devastating cases of sexual and physical abuse of asylum seekers’ children as young as two have been laid bare by a former senior child protection worker at the Australian-run detention centre in an explosive submission to a Senate inquiry.Former Save the Children employee Viktoria Vibhakar has written an extensive submission … Continue reading

Coalition says kidnap risk means wealthy need tax reporting exemptions

The Abbott government is pressing ahead with plans to exempt about 1,000 Australian-owned private companies from tax transparency measures after claims wealthy owners could face kidnapping threats.After the kidnapping suggestion was raised at a Coalition party meeting in March, the government confirmed it was looking to amend the disclosure rules … Continue reading

Gillian Triggs says expansion of ministerial powers ‘a growing threat to democracy’

The outspoken head of Australia’s human rights watchdog, Gillian Triggs, has described the expansion of discretionary ministerial powers that may be exercised with limited or no judicial scrutiny as “a growing threat to democracy”.The defiant president of the Australian Human Rights Commission has also blamed an increasing array of laws … Continue reading

Transparent and accountable? Hardly! – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By Kaye Lee In some countries they kill people who criticise the ruling regime.In Australia they are sacked, gagged, defunded, disbanded or threatened with incarceration.Within hours of taking office, public servants who had had anything to do with climate change were sacked, the Climate Change Department was disbanded, the Climate … Continue reading

Absolute crap

By Kaye Lee One thing that has become increasingly apparent about Tony Abbott is that he gears his words to his audience. If that meant explaining policies at a level that the audience could comprehend, that could be a good thing, but in the case of our Prime Minister, it … Continue reading

In The ‘War On Terror’, You Know You’re An Extremist When?

  By Mathew Kenneally Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s proposed ‘power to banish’ laws were even too extreme for the Liberal Party. Mathew Kenneally weighs in. Peter Dutton, flanked by Tony Abbott, charged into cabinet last week and asked for a power: to strip sole Australian nationals of their citizenship, whom … Continue reading

Detention turns refugees into patients. Don’t jail doctors for saying so | Ranjana Srivastava

By Ranjana Srivastava My parents recently gave me some advice: don’t get arrested, it would be a waste of a career. Their concern was fuelled by the Australian government’s new law to imprison doctors for up to two years for unauthorised disclosure of information relating to detention centres.The delicious irony … Continue reading

Gather around young and old. It’s time for Australia’s favourite holiday | First Dog on the Moon

The 4th of June is a special day, when Australians everywhere tie on purple ribbons and let their hearts swell with pride Source: Gather around young and old. It’s time for Australia’s favourite holiday | First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free | The Guardian

Tony Abbott’s ‘with me or agin me’ rhetoric cheapens citizenship debate | Australia news | The Guardian

    Time to shed some light on all the shouting in the dark about Australian citizenship, and who loses it at the direction of whom. Photograph: Michaela Rehle/Reuters By Lenore Taylor Two little windows might shed some light on all this shouting in the dark about Australian citizenship, and … Continue reading