The Rise of the Far Right – Christian Marx

Australia and indeed the world is under threat from the dangerous eugenics of the far right. Their sick Neoliberal policies of extreme attacks on the poor, pensioners, social services and their theft of public services, via privatization will bring our society to its knees.

Housing affordability is not just about youth. 15,000 seniors are homeless | Nieves Murray | Opinion | The Guardian

As hard as it is for young people to get a foot on the property ladder, it’s even harder for pensioners and low to middle income renters to get a foot in the door … any door. Can budget 2017 fix housing affordability? Private rental accommodation is now more unaffordable … Continue reading

Phoney energy crisis merely a ploy to access off-limits gas | Waleed Aly

Turns out manufacturing is alive and well in Australia. Only these days we’re manufacturing crises. This week’s exhibit is from the gas industry, which having witnessed the energy market regulator’s grave warnings that we’d all be having cold showers in the dark in a couple of years, found itself summoned … Continue reading