How Australians Justify Torture – » The Australian Independent Media Network

By Eva Cripps Torture is an evocative word. It conjures up images of shackles, chains, beatings, burnings, suffocation, and waterboarding. Almost everyone has watched a movie that incorporates some element of torture. Blind fold over face and knife to throat, submersion into a watery pit, a bucket full of scorpions. … Continue reading

Radical Islam and the West: the moral panic behind the threat

By Scott Burchill Governments contrive moral panics to consolidate domestic political support. An alleged “existential” foreign threat is particularly useful. It encourages the population to rally behind the leader, accept restrictions on their civil liberties and support higher levels of funding for the military and intelligence sectors.The veracity of the … Continue reading

There’s no legal queue. And three other facts Australians get wrong about asylum seekers | Robert Tickner

Talking about refugees and asylum seekers in some circles can be a dubious endeavour. Before you know it, words like “illegals” and “queue jumpers” are ricocheting back at you, and you’re entangled in an angry debate.In some parts of Australia, the good ol’ welcome mat has yet to make it … Continue reading

Refugee in hiding on Manus Island after allegedly being duped into resettlement promotion

A refugee is in hiding on Manus Island in fear of his life, after allegedly being tricked by Papua New Guinea immigration officials into making a newspaper advertisement promoting resettlement.Haider Khan told the ABC other refugees are furious with him and have threatened his life for appearing in a photograph … Continue reading

Want a job that pays good money? Join the immigration department! | First Dog on the Moon

Simply complete this questionnaire to see if you’re a monstrous moral vacuum suitable for a job at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Source: Want a job that pays good money? Join the immigration department! | First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free | The Guardian