Dead people and prisoners receiving work for the dole payments in Northern Territory – (Jobfind Rort)

By Alyssa Betts Dead people and prisoners have been receiving work for the dole payments in the Northern Territory, according to documents seen by the ABC as well as claims by community groups.Syd Laker, the general manager of the Demed Association, which provides services to outstations surrounding the West Arnhem … Continue reading

If you oppose Reclaim Australia, remember fascism wasn’t always a freakshow  –  Jeff  Sparrow

The leaked footage of the young queen giving a fascist salute seems so shocking partly because, today, we no longer know what Nazism was. Yes, there’s an inexhaustible appetite for books and films about Hitler and his regime. But, in some ways, that’s the difficulty.Today, the words National Socialism spur … Continue reading

The Nauru Inquiry Proves We Can’t Outsource Our Ethical Obligations To Asylum Seekers

 By Max Chalmers In the midst of detailed and disturbing evidence, a senior bureaucrat found himself bedevilled by a question too big for his pay grade, writes Max Chalmers. After nearly four months of evidence – of child sexual assaults, guards trading drugs for sexual favours, endemic self-harm and mass … Continue reading

Burma’s Rohingya: one woman’s journey to marriage on a smuggling boat

It took Azima a month travelling to wed her childhood sweetheart. In that time, the 17-year-old witnessed men beaten to death, starvation, rape and an attempted suicide.“When the men complained, the smugglers beat them,” Azima said, recalling the days she spent living with hundreds of people on a boat in … Continue reading

Bronwyn Bishop has never welcomed the kind of scrutiny she applies to others – David Leser

The first and last time I had a conversation with Bronwyn Bishop she screamed at me.It was late summer 1994 and we were standing on Collaroy beach in Sydney’s north. Bishop, a senator since 1987, was giving an impromptu press conference following the official launch of her campaign for the … Continue reading

The racist carrot returns to Reclaim Australia, and he’s had a gutful | First Dog on the Moon

Scenes from a rally: a racist carrot’s had another gutful in his ongoing series of gutfuls. Time to take to the streets Source: The racist carrot returns to Reclaim Australia, and he’s had a gutful | First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free | The Guardian