Australia to pool CCTV and facial recognition for Police, Border Protection By Josh Taylor

Stills from CCTV footage shot anywhere in Australia could soon be entered into a national “hub” to scan faces to be matched against driver’s licence and passport photos as part of a government plan to make it easier for law enforcement to track the public.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Christian right – By Mike Seccombe

Introducing himself to the Liberal Party’s West Australian state council meeting a week ago, the newly endorsed candidate for the Canning byelection, Andrew Hastie, recalled one particularly happy memory of his childhood. “I was born in regional Victoria in a town called Wangaratta,” he said. “My father started a church … Continue reading

If Border Force acts like this in Melbourne, what do they do offshore? – By Jeff Sparrow

Did the Australian Border Force seriously intend to address reporters in between Flinders Street’s bagpipe players and spotty-faced emo kids? Apparently so – but with social media in meltdown at the prospect of Peter Dutton’s black-garbed men accosting strangers and demanding their papers, the under-the-clocks press conference quickly descended into … Continue reading

Citizens of Melbourne, Border Force is concerned for your safety – First Dog on the Moon

Border Force can assure you, fear is a great motivator. Ask anyone on a 46% rating in the polls. Wait, did we say that out loud? Source: Citizens of Melbourne, Border Force is concerned for your safety | First Dog on the Moon | Comment is free | The Guardian

Wilson Security guards handcuffed asylum seeker boy on Nauru as a ‘joke’

Report about four guards’ treatment of eight-year-old boy in detention contradicts Wilson’s bosses who told the Senate the use of restraints is ‘very rare’ Four Wilson Security guards used a “cable tie” to handcuff an eight-year-old asylum seeker boy on Nauru as “a joke”, an apparent contradiction of Wilson’s bosses … Continue reading

Data retention and the end of Australians’ digital privacy – By Quentin Dempster

The digital privacy of Australians ends from Tuesday, October 13. So, the fact that you visited a porn site or infidelity site Ashley Madison or ‘jihadi’ content sites, may in effect be discoverable without the need for a warrant. On that day this country’s entire communications industry will be turned … Continue reading

Australian Border Force joining inter-agency outfit to target crime in Melbourne CBD

This weekend Australian Border Force (ABF) officers will for the first time join forces with a diverse team of transport and enforcement agencies to target crime in the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) as part of Operation Fortitude. Tonight and tomorrow evening (Friday 28 and Saturday 29 August 2015) Metro … Continue reading

Offshore detention ‘black sites’ open door to torture – By Suvendrini Perera and Joseph Pugliese

Conditions in Australia’s detention camps on Nauru and PNG’s Manus Island have reached intolerable levels of violence and abuse committed with apparent impunity. The Australian government disclaims responsibility for such events, which have attracted criticism from the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. As academics who have studied the “war on … Continue reading

Battlers and plutocrats: How political connections reward Australia’s super-rich – By Paul Frijters and Gigi Foster

Research reveals a huge proportion of Australia’s richest people amass their wealth via political connections rather than via innovative businesses – which is helping them at the expense of everyone else, write Paul Frijters and Gigi Foster.The Washington Post ran an article last week reporting that 65 per cent of … Continue reading