The NBN: why it’s slow, expensive and obsolete – By Rod Tucker

The Abbott Coalition government came to power two years ago this week with a promise to change Labor’s fibre to the premises (FTTP) National Broadband Network (NBN) to one using less-expensive fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) technologies, spruiking its network with the three-word slogan: “Fast. Affordable. Sooner.” But with the release in August … Continue reading

Abbott: Master of lies, damned lies and statistics – By Kate M

“There were three gradations of inveracity – there were lies, there were damned lies, and there were statistics” (Arthur Balfour, 1892) You may have noticed that Abbott and other members of the front bench regularly throw around numbers and statistics to back up what they’re saying. Numbers and statistics are … Continue reading

A Philosophical Dialogue (That May Or May Not Have Something To Do With Recent Events) – By Patrick Stokes

he UNSUBTLEBERG family – MOTHER, FATHER, BROTHER and SISTER – are driving along a lonely country road, on their way to camping holiday. MOTHER: Wait, what’s that?! Stop the car! [They screech to a halt] FATHER: Wow, that’s quite a crash! That car’s completely wrecked!

Tony Abbott’s first two years: broken promises and confected ‘wars’ leave voters deeply unimpressed – By Lenore Taylor

Two years in and the Abbott government remains a clamor of battle slogans in search of a policy purpose. The prime minister keeps shaping up for confected daily fights without comprehending that is exactly why he is losing the political “war”.

Secret freeze on refugee citizenship processes | The Saturday Paper

The government has ceased processing citizenship applications from boat-arrival refugees entitled to become Australians, leaving hundreds in limbo. For years, Rahim, an Afghan Hazara, waited to become an Australian citizen. Deemed a refugee and granted residency, and having lived in the community for the requisite four years, he passed the … Continue reading

Right-Wingers Led A Simulated Global Politics Game. Guess How Many Virtual People They Killed.

It looks like Team Australia, smells like Team Australia, sounds like Team Australia. But in fact it was a game used to simulate real world global politics, and the results were startling. Back in the real world, Dr Lissa Johnson looks at the collision of government and fantasy in the … Continue reading

 While Turkey plays games with jihadis, we’re with Stupid in Syria- By Bernard Keane

The government is showing profound naivety in contemplating entering the Syrian civil war, based purely on domestic political desperation. The telling thing about the fact that the Abbott government begged for a US invitation to bomb Syria for domestic political purposes — first mooted by, of all people, Oz editor-at-large Paul Kelly, … Continue reading