Living standards will decline for single parents, unemployed people in next decade, report says

A report released today by one of the country’s leading economic modelling centres has warned the growth in living standards will dramatically slow over the next decade — and more worryingly, actually decline for some of the country’s most disadvantaged groups.

Next Week’s Exclusive Interview With Mr Abbott Brought To You Before It Even Happens! – By Rossleigh

“Good Morning, Mr Abbott, thanks for joining us.” “Is the mike on?” “Yes, the interview’s started.” “And you’ll tell me when it’s off?” “Just presume that it’s on all the time. Now how are you feeling about your prospects in Canning.

From democracy through plutocracy and kleptocracy to hypocracy – By Ian Bersten

What sort of democracy do we have when donors with deep pockets determine policy outcomes? Is it right that the most powerful segments of society benefit against the interests of ALL Australians, asks Ian Bersten. THE GREEKS introduced the idea of democracy, which broadly means rule by the people. Most … Continue reading