Dangers of using schools to address extremism – Andrew Zammit

As the government prepares to address the involvement of schoolchildren in violent extremism, a controversial program in the UK shows a dangerous path that Australia must avoid.Anti-radicalisation bookletIn September Sydney’s Daily Telegraph ran the headline ‘Schoolyard Terror Blitz’, reporting that ‘schoolteachers will be given access to radicalisation information awareness kits … Continue reading

Racism gets hot in Bendigo but elites serve it cold to migrants every day – Jason WIlson

It was around 2001 when migrant panic in Australia shifted from “Asians” to Muslims. By now the transition is so complete that it is easy, not to mention convenient, for many to forget how intense and politicised the hostility to new arrivals from China, Vietnam and elsewhere became.

Nauru: alleged rape victim may be charged with false complaint

The Nauruan justice minister has said police are considering charging a sexual assault complainant with making a false statement after the government faced widespread criticism for releasing the woman’s name and graphic details of her allegations. In a combative statement issued on Thursday, David Adeang claimed the woman had not … Continue reading

Carer, disability and family payments in sights of new Social Services Minister Christian Porter

Social Services Minister Christian Porter is on the hunt for savings in his new portfolio, hinting spending cuts on carer and disability payments may be needed to get the budget back to surplus.   In comments that echo his predecessor, Scott Morrison, Mr Porter told Alan Jones on Sky News … Continue reading

Nauru police take phones and laptops from Save the Children staff and others

The Nauruan police force has seized phones and laptops from Save the Children staff and other contractors in an attempt to hunt down journalists’ sources at the Australian run detention centre. On Saturday police officers executed a search warrant at one of the administration blocks in RPC1 and took personal … Continue reading