Australian tax dollars funding PNG corruption, AFP whistleblower says

IF YOUR tax dollars were being used to bulldoze entire villages and prop up a regime of murder, rape and corruption, would you want to know about it?What if it was happening right on Australia’s doorstep and being kept quiet by our own police so that we could maintain our … Continue reading

Media consultants paid big money to train bureaucrats for Senate hearings

Senator Lee Rhiannon says government department officials do not need media training for Senate estimates hearings. Photo: Edwina Pickles Federal government departments have paid external media consultants hundreds of thousands of dollars to train bureaucrats how to “perform” in Senate estimates hearings.

Day of the Imprisoned Writer: Behrouz Bouchani – detained on Manus Island

Over Manus Island, a black kite flies.A few youths, still with energy to bear the difficulties of this prison camp, made it.The black kite flies, a messenger of freedom for us, the forgotten prisoners.It circles higher and higher above the camp, above the beautiful coconuts.Our eyes follow its flight, it … Continue reading