‘We are the forgotten people’: the anguish of Australia’s ‘invisible’ asylum seekers

Nearly 29,000 asylum seekers are in Australia on temporary ‘bridging visas’. These people may be free from detention but – with many denied education, healthcare and the right to work – they remain locked in desperate poverty and with no idea what their futures hold. A Guardian Australia investigation by … Continue reading

Liberal insider slams party for allowing ‘Islamophobia’ to fester

Victorian Liberal Party leaders are turning a blind eye to growing anti-Islamic sentiment in the party, according to a party source.The claim follows calls at Sunday’s federal Senate pre-selection convention for all Islamic leaders to sign a pledge denouncing terrorism, or have their places of worship torn down.

Some voters believe asylum seekers get $10,000 and Nike shoes

Some Australians wrongly believe asylum seekers and refugees in this country are given a $10,000 lump sum, Nike shoes and preferential treatment for public housing, according to research that also found religious prejudice against Muslims is largely driving negative attitudes towards the newcomers.